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Brand Name: MSPV Toyota Avalon
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Enjoy comfortable interior, reliability & solid protection with MSPV Armored Toyota Avalon. Bulletproof Toyota Avalon is one of luxury sedan suitable for armoring. The armored Avalon comes in either a CEN BR4 or CEN BR6 level of armoring ensuring the safety of all occupants. Toyota Avalon has delivered a modern, luxurious interior, a bold, iconic exterior and an exceptional driving experience for good competitive value. MSPV armored Toyota Avalon offers a comfortable, reliable and efficient ride that is suitable for clients looking for a dependable Toyota Avalon. Many Celebrities, Government, Politician, Diplomat, Secret Service, Embassy and VIP are using MSPV Armored Vehicles to ensure their own safety. Armoured vehicles are made to withstand bullets, bombs & other violent attack. MSPV Armoured Toyota Avalon was created for those who are looking for the right mix of performance, luxury and security. The new MSPV Armoured Toyota Avalon – simply the finest, most spectacular, most technologically advanced, best-performing four-door passenger vehicle that has ever lightly dented the planet’s surface. Armored Toyota Avalon is a luxury sedan equipped with luxury amenities such as premium leather upholstery, machined-finished alloy wheels, triple-zone climate control, a CD stereo with iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, full power accessories and an upgraded sounds system. MSPV Armored Avalon comes in either a CEN BR4 or CEN BR6 level of armoring ensuring the safety of all occupants. MSPV’s Armoured Toyota Avalon is available in levels of protection B4+ (Kalashnikov AK47 7.62×39 FeC ammunition) and B6 (7.62×51 M80 and 5.56×45 SS109 ammunition). All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high-quality armour steel and glass to defeat the chosen threat-level. The floor of the vehicle is protected against blast and fragments of explosive threats such as the industry-standard two DM51 hand-grenades or two HG85 fragmentation grenades, with optional protection against land-mines such as the DM31. The vehicle retains its original appearance to blend in traffic without attracting attention. MSPV is one of the leading Armored Vehicles Manufacturing Company and provides many attractive deals on Armored Cars, Bulletproof Cars Contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or visit to get a quote.
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