Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee, Bulletproof Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Brand Name: MSPV Jeep Grand Cherokee
Place of Origin: UAE

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MSPV Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for driving capabilities, a healthy power-to-weight ratio and sporty handling. You will be able to cross all types of rough, rugged terrain with Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee while still managing to keep a high standard of comfort. Our armored Jeep Grand Cherokee is well known for its marvellous off-road capabilities as well as user-friendly handling abilities. MSPV’s armoured Jeep Grand Cherokee combines power and individuality with protection in discretion. Available in levels of protection B4+ (Kalashnikov AK47 7.62×39 FeC ammunition) and B6 (7.62×51 M80, 5.56×45 SS109 – NATO and US assault ri?es), it will seat up to 5 passengers in safety and comfort. The ?oor is protected against blast and fragments of explosive threats such as the industry-standard two DM51 hand-grenades or two HG85 fragmentation grenades. Higher blast protection available up to land-mines such as the DM31. Get the complete protection you desire while driving around in your vehicle of choice. With MSPV, you can customize your level of protection to meet your needs. MSPV is one of the leading Armored Vehicles Manufacturing Company and provides many attractive deals on Armored Vehicles Contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or visit to get a quote.
Mr. Mohammed El Khatib
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