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\r\nPlease save our contact details as a supplier if you need any documents from our side please let us know for supplier registration WE ARE EXPERT IN FIT-OUT & AS WELL AS HOTELS SUPPLIES AND STAFF ACCOMMODATION FURNITURES \r\n\r\nAbout fedde interiors:\r\nFedde Interiors is a local company in Dubai which has being in the market since 2010.Our specialty is to design needed within the space provided to create a habitat that is in line with all the modern facilities required today while leaving enough space to stretch, think and breath .Only such surroundings can benefit a healthy life both physically and psychologically.\r\n \r\n “Our aim is to create beauty and peace into your space!”\r\n• Design (FF&E and OS&E Product supplies and installation as well as accomodation Furniture and Linen supplies as per client requerment )\r\n• Space planning\r\n• Joinery\r\n• Fit out\r\n• Furniture supply\r\n• Project management\r\n• Authority approval\r\n• Interior Construction\r\n• Furniture selection, procurement, installation and maintenance\r\n• Complete Data, Telephony and Audio Visual service\r\n• Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Design and Execution.\r\n• Relocation and move management\r\n \r\nInterior Design\r\nFedde Interiors provides the services of a professional interior designer. Equipped with extensive knowledge about interiors and a vast experience on different assignments, our designer will be able to meet you and discuss your dream project. Your enthusiasm combined with the professional advice of our designer is a promise of a beautiful endeavor, which is also practical and unique to your taste joinery\r\nWe have a team who is equipped to undertake joinery work for both residential and commercial projects. Fedde interiors can create your beautiful furniture from raw wood, or else we can fix your old furniture suit any new environment or practicality our service Fit-out\r\n \r\nOur Services\r\nFit-out\r\nFedde Interiors also offers fit-out services. As per Dubai’s rules and regulations, we have necessary authorization to follow the process and ensure that ensure that interior spaces are suitable for occupation .All kind of fit out jobs such as celling, gypsum or glass partition, flooring and extra care our clients are our first and foremost priority .For this reason we have invested in top notch customer care that will see to every need you might have. This service will also ensure that your inquiries are handled in a timely manner and with the least inconvenience. Authority approval fedde interiors has all necessary permits and certification needed in Dubai to trade and also to design and fit-out for any residential or commercial project. Should you need any further information about our permits please do not hesitate to contact us.\r\n \r\nElectrical and Plumbing\r\nTo provide a complete service to our clients, Fedde Interiors also offers electrical and plumbing services, Today this forms a significant component of our business. Through this service, Fedde Interiors is able to assist client with their furniture fitting from start to end, without the need of contracting another trader to finish loose jobs.\r\nFedde Interior design ideas are divided into two different sections, the commercial and residential areas. They have done several projects for villas, apartments, offices, shops, and garden designs as well.\r\nand residential areas. They have done several projects for villas, apartments, offices,\r\n \r\nOur Ideas\r\nVilla, Residential\r\nPurple was the client’s favorite color and is famous for being known as a luxury color was utilized. The combination of beige and purple had been selected to balance between the dark and light colors. The celling had been prepared of gypsum celling with white chandeliers. The floor material is Italian marble with a mixture of the colors, golden and beige client’s design of modern and classic design was advised. A special curvy design had been made for the ceiling and floor to expand actual size of room design.\r\nA very unique and luxurious Victorian design was designed specifically for the Majlis and family gathering of a royal family. To meet this requirement, top quality and exceptionally designed furniture was requested from a high end Turkish furniture company. The dark colors were requested by the clients and were selected to harmonize with the Victorian style.\r\n \r\nVilla,\r\nResidential Interior Designs from Fedde are beautiful, durable stress free, and also with in your budget. We meet your clients and together discuss their ideas, their concerns and also how we can supply their bedroom, kitchen, office with a beautiful design they will be able to afford.\r\n \r\nBeauty Salon, Commercial\r\nA distinctive design was created for this tattoo and Makeup Salon in The Mall, Jumeriah. Designed as per the clients requirements in order to provide them the best results. The design was created for the convenience and comfort of the client while giving a professional image to suit the salon.\r\n \r\nOffice, Commercial\r\nThis elegant and luxurious designed office, as requested by the client, has been specially tailored to cater for a perfume producer company. The logo of the company, made from acrylic material, is displayed prominently in the background of the reception desk. To ensure uniformity, the same shape design has been used for the ceiling in the entrance area to reinforce the style and the uniqueness of the company It’s not hard to make a space that looks good by itself. The trick is to craft a room that’s even more attractive when its occupied .That’s when it becomes magical.\r\nOur designs are always fashioned in order to meet the client’s desires and style. This restaurant is located in a populated place in Dubai. The intention of this design was to colors, purple and green had been selected as they form a great pair and a unique combination. The design gives the restaurant a beautiful environment which provides the customers with a more relaxing and comforting sensation\r\n \r\nRestaurant, Commercial\r\nIn order to truly appreciate a pleasant meal, the environment around you needs to deliver an awe-inspiring experience .Quality in a service or product is not what you put in it. It is what the customer gets out of it.\r\n \r\n Petrol Station, Commercial\r\nSpecially designed in order to make the space look bigger which would display natural daylight throughout the day as requested by the client. While the interior is simple, it still gives it a modern and stylish design.\r\n \r\nDoors\r\nJoinery Work\r\n Doors were made from MDF wood and other wood materials with black matte finishing like matte acrylic. In order to fully reach the clients requirements, various materials were used to build different furniture and fixtures.\r\nFixtures.\r\nShelves\r\nReception Desk\r\n Various design and quality of materials.\r\nThe Best Design with the Best Price Within Your Budget.\r\n\r\nHope you find our company suitable for your future requirements.If you have any inquiry or question please feel free to contact me\r\n --\r\nThanks & Regards \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\nSHIHAB.TKC\r\n\r\nMarketing Manager \r\n\r\n \r\nM: +971 52 244 5525\r\n \r\nT: +971 4 277 1189\r\n \r\nF: +971 4 432 9069\r\n \r\nE:\r\n \r\nW:\r\n

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