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Brand Name: ssd chemical
Place of Origin: dubai
Material: machine/powder

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SSD Solution used to clean all type of blackened, tainted and defaced bank notes. Our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the cleaning perfectly. Our Chemicals is 100% pure.We clean all types of black note or deface note.anti-air breezed powders and other many products used in cleaning black note. We do offer the best professional services. SSD Solution. Vectrol paste, Tebi-Manetic solution, Defaced currency, Cleaning chemical. Darkened currency, Black coated notes, Cleaning black money,vectrol paste, SSD solution, super automatic solution,anti-breeze bank notes, black marked currency, black coated notes, cleaning Black money. Doctor Brian Clarckson Br chemicals .co ltd Skype brian clarckson CALL 00971561162642
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