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Almig, a leading air system manufacturer, provides the best technology on the market! SWE-Dubai is the UAE market leader when it comes to Air Compressor and Workshop equipment. We Expertise for the largest sales and service of Workshop Equipment and also have the most comprehensive range of workshop equipment brands and products. Quality New and Used Air Compressors‎ for Industrial and Commercial Use are Supplied Direct atDubai.‎‎ ALMIG stands for -Automatic Air Pumps and is one of the Best leading compressed air technology system providers and has decades of experience delivering premium products in the compressed air sector. ALMIG produces a comprehensive range of screw compressors. ALMIG screw compressors are synonymous with outstanding reliability, quality craftsmanship, and operational safety. Air Compressor: - 1. We have, used Air compressor in stock, in well condition and can be purposefully used for industrial applications. 2. Air compressors with paper or polyester, filters that remove oil, dust, vapors, and other debris.Selecting air compressors requires an understanding of specifications and requirements. 3. Another advantage of these new compact compressors is the low weight and easy way which they can be transported. A fork lift is sufficient to install the entire compressed air station on site. Uses:- 1. They can supply clean air to fill gas cylinders, to drive pneumatic systems or HVAC control systems, to fill car or bike tires. 2. To Support large industrial processes like oxidation. There are many different sizes based on the application they are being used for, so the same one isn’t used at an industrial location as the one filling bike tires at a gas station. Our UAE distributors are certified to be experts in the compressed air industry. They are full service air houses that can sell and service air compressors. We provide you with useful calculation tools, which contain valuable information on how to optimize your compressed air system. Authorized Dealers for: Garage Equipment, Workshop Tools & Machineries, Car Wash System, Industrial Equipment, Fabrication Machineries, Oil Lubricating Equip, Power tools, Hydraulic Equipment, Industrial Air Compressor, Industrial generators. Services &Refabricating:- Hydraulic Equipment, Industrial Air Compressor, Industrial generators, all kinds of Industrial & Lifting Equipment. Please feel free to contact our team if you require any details regarding our services:- Suhaib Workshop Equipment LLC PO BOX – 81047, Dubai UAE Phone - +97143391042 / +971505152398/ +971 56 1184143 Email -

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