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El-Bostany is our Premium Brand for Radiators and Condensers for Passenger Cars, Buses/Trucks and Heavy Duty. We are leading Suppliers of a wide range of Automotive Radiators like Car & Truck radiators. Our radiators are manufactured with unmatched quality and meet international standards for safety and efficiency. We have developed an extensive distribution network covering Middle East with a nationwide footprint to give next day delivery to most major cities and surrounding areas. Radiators: Keep your engine cool with our Radiator Solutions. Each unit is fabricated in and built to meet or exceed exact OE specifications for any make and model of heavy-duty truck on the road. The tested all-aluminium construction improves cooling and durability while reducing weight and crimping problems, giving you a radiator you can rely on mile after mile. Condensers: We offer quality air conditioning Condensers and Evaporators from top manufacturers. The air conditioning condenser is located on the high side of the air conditioning system. The air conditioning condenser is mounted directly in front of the radiator where it can receive air flow created by the trucks forward motion and by the engine fan. El-Bostany offers shoppers surefire savings and provides a quick and easy alternative when it comes to purchasing radiators and condensers. We provide extensive solutions at the lowest prices possible without compromising the quality and performance of the components. For Queries Contact Us: - Mr. W. Elbostany, El-Bostany Radiator, Cairo, Egypt, Africa P.O. Box - 11311 Contact No. - +97142260760, +971528850700 Website - http://elbostany.com/ Email - info@elbostany.com

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