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BEST ANCIENT SECRET TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN MIRACLE BENEFITS OF ARGAN OIL Naturelle Argan Soap cleanse and nourish body, face, hair and hands, providing effective cleaning of all types of skin. Naturelle Argan Soap is 100% natural enrished with palm tree oil. Argan oil is a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E which make it especially beneficial to moisturize and nourish dry or flaky skin. The popularity of Argan Oil has exploded since the many amazing health benefits offered by this “Miracle Oil” have been made public. Cold-pressed from the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) Argan Oil can be used both cosmetically and culinary to improve everything from skin appearance to heart health. HEALS SKIN AILMENTS the triterpenoids naturally found in Argan Ol offer amazing health benefits for skin including the ability to stunt the growth of warts, treat some forms of dermatitis, break down tumorous skin cells and fade scars. Also, the antioxidants and fatty acids found in Argan Oil may also help with the treatment of mild acne and with the healing of acne-related scarring REDUCES PREMATURE AGING Argan Oil is compromised of roughly 80% fatty acids which work wonders of signs of premature aging. Regular use of Argan oil has been proven to reduce the depth and severity of wrinkles, as well as to fade age spots by restoring skin’s youthful elasticity an by increasing the regenerative rate of health skin cells. PROTECTS AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE Anti-oxidants in Argan oil help to protect skin, hair, and nails from damage caused by UV radiation. Applying Argan oil to UV damaged skin can actually fade sun spots and heal the dry leathery skin that results from over-exposure to UV by promoting the regeneration of healthy cells. Benefits of Naturelle Argan Soap: Antioxidant rich argan oil soap leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturized Anti-inflammatory properties help to get rid of acne Polished skin and stimulates circulation

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