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Place of Origin: Russia
MOQ: 1 mmbl
Standard: GOST
Packaging: Bulk

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SPECIFICATIONS OF JP54 - AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54 RUSSIAN ORIGINS Property Test Name Units Min Max Specific Acid Number D 3242 Acidity in Turb Fuel mg KOH/g 0.10 Additives - Conductivity Conductivity Improver Additives - General Note General Note Appearance Visual Clear & Br Aromatics D 1319 Hydrocarbon Typ by FIA Vol% 25 Copper Strip Corrosion D 130 Cu Str 2 Hr @ 212 F Rating 1b Density @ 15 C D 1298 Dens, Sp Gr, API by Hyd kg/m3 775 840 Dist 10 Vol% Rec, corr D 86 Dist at Atm Press Deg F 401 Dist 50 Vol% Rec, corr D 86 Dist at Atm Press Deg F Report Dist 90 Vol% Rec, corr D 86 Dist at Atm Press Deg F Report Dist End Pt, corr D 86 Dist at Atm Press Deg F 572 Dist Loss, corr D 86 Dist at Atm Press Vol% 1.5 Dist Residue D 86 Dist at Atm Press Vol% 1.5 Existent Gum D 381 Gum Content by Jet Evap mg/100ml 7 Flash Pt D 56 Flash Pt by TCC Deg F 100 Freeze Pt D 5972 Freeze Pt by Ph Tech Deg C -40 JFTOT Press Drop D 3241 JFTOT@ 260 C mm Hg 25 JFTOT Tube Rating D 3241 JFTOT@ 260 C Rating <3 Mercaptan Sulfur D 3227 Thiol Merc S by Titra Wt% 0.003 MSEP D 3948 Water Sep by Rating 85 @ pt mfg MSEP Naphthalenes D 1840 Naphthalenes by UV Vol% 3.0 Net Heat of Combustion D 3338 Net Heat of Comb BTU/lb 18,400 Smoke Pt D 1322 Smoke Pt mm 18 Sulfur D 2622 S by X-ray Fluo Spec Wt% 0.30 Viscosity @ -4 F (-20 C) D 445 Kinematic Viscosity cSt 8.0 Water Rxn Interface D 1094 Water Rxn by manual Rating 1b Other Flash Pt Limits Referee Methods 2
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