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Middle East Metrology (FZE), UAE is an ISO9001 :2008 certified company and one of the leading organizations in the field of Trading, Calibration and Repairing of measuring instruments, testing equipments and weighing systems. We provide conscientious measuring solution to wide range of industries and consultants in UAE and abroad. Middle East Metrology (FZE) prides itself on providing a fast and efficient service to its customers at competitive prices. At the same time, we maintain a close relationship with our customers, which allow us to understand their business and respond accordingly to their needs. We are supplying following products.
 Dimensional Measuring Instruments: Caliper, Micrometer, Thickness Gauge, Height Gauge, Precision Level, Granite Plate, Hardness Tester, Metallurgical Microscope, Profile projector, CMM Machine, Gauge Block Set, Pin Gauge Set, Bore Gauge, Setting rings, Dial Indicator, Lever indicator, Roughness Gauge, Telescopic Gauge, Combination Square Set, Steel rule, Angle Block, Radius Gauge, Pitch Gauge, Thread Gauges, Straight Edge, V Block, Optical Flat, Optical Parallel Sets, Pistol Gauge, Three point Inside Micrometer, Depth Gauges, Comparator Stand ,Calibrators, Center Finder, Crank Shaft Gauge ,Bridge Cam Gauge, Hi Lo Gauge, Welding Gauge, ULM Machine, Caliper Checker, Height Master, Square master, Image Measuring system etc.. (MITUTOYO/METROLOGY)
 Pressure: Pressure Gauge, Pressure switch, Pressure Calibrators, Pressure Hand Pumps, Pressure relief Valves, Pressure Chart Recorder, Pressure Transmitters etc.. (WIKA)
 Temperature: Digital Thermometer, Glass Thermometer, Thermo Hygrometer, Temperature Data Logger, Dial Thermometer, Temperature Chart Recorder, Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Bath, Dry block Calibrator, Max-Min Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, Oven, Furnace, Temperature Controller, Scanner, Thermal Imager, Thermocouple calibrator, RTD etc...(BRANNAN, FLUKE, SNOL,WIKA)
 Electrical: Multimeter, Clamp meter, Insulation Tester, Earth Tester, LCR Meter, Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Power Quality Analyzer, Soldering Station etc..(FLUKE,MEGGER)
 Mass: Test weight set, Analytical Balance, Table Top Scale, Waterproof Scale, Platform Balance, Crane scale, Spring Balance, Load cell, Weighing Indicators etc..(FUYUE,KERN)
 Torque: Torque wrenches, Torque Screw Driver, Torque Calibrators etc...(TORQUE LEADER, NORBAR)
 General Laboratory Instruments: PH Meter, TDS/Conductivity Meter, Measuring Cylinder, Lux Meter, Tacho Meter, Anemometer, Sound Level Meter, Boroscope, Gas Detector etc...(EXTECH)

We provide internationally traceable calibration services for the different parameters like, Pressure, Temperature, Dimensional, Weighing etc. We also provide AMC for weighing systems. Our technical team can repair most of the measuring instruments.

Middle East Metrology (FZE) is trusted everyday as the measuring instrument supplier of choice for hundreds of professionals in a huge range of different industries. We are the authorised distributer of METROLOGY brand in the Middle East.
METROLOGY is an international brand of Jingstone Company focusing on researching and developing precision measuring and calibration instruments. http://www.metrology.com.tw/english/cp3.asp?id=37

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Middle East Metrology FZE
Weighing Scale, Measuring Instruments

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