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Brand Name: RXSOL
Model Number: RXSOL-20-2054-025
Place of Origin: India
MOQ: 25 Ltr
Certificate: ISO-9001:2008

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tank cleaner Its typical use as a tank cleaner or for general decreasing, cleaning and gs freeing for double bottom tanks, wing tanks, pipe lines, fuel oil tanks This can be beneficial as part of the initial cleaning process after the carriage of Lube oils and Lube oil additives. As soon as the tank in question has been checked empty by the attending surveyor, RXSOL-20-2054-025 Plus should be sprayed over all surfaces which are safely reachable. irst of all drain off any remaining oil from Heat Exchanger. 2) Connect the discharge side of a portable pump to the lower heat exchanger connection & the suction Side of the pump to the bottom outlet of a 200 liter drum. 3) Complete the circuit by connecting the upper connection on the heat exchanger to the top of the drum. 4) Maintain the bath temperature between 60-80 0 C throughout the cleaning operation. If it is not possible to heat, the operation will need to be extended. It is cost effective, easy to apply and use. • High emulsification on mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals. • Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and tank coatings. • Cleans oil coolers, fuel oil pre heaters and lube oil heat exchangers. • Removes general oil contamination from machinery and engine room. • Economical cost effective 5) Use the pump to maintain circulation for 12 to 15 hours. When the cleaning is completed, disconnect the lower heat exchanger connection and drain out the cleaning solution. 6) Connect a fresh water supply to the upper heat exchanger connection, and rinse until the water runs clean from the lower connection. When rinsing is complete, disconnect the water supply and thoroughly drain and dry the heat exchanger Features
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