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Portable Tension Testers - Anchor Bolt Pullout Tester, Universal Safety Lifeline Cable Testing Equipment, Hydraulic Testing Equipment, Safety Post and Foundation Testing equipment,Remote Tester, \\r\\n\\r\\nWall Tie Tester - Wall Tie Tester Kit is used for testing all types of remedial wall tie to meet the requirements of DD140. It is used with appropriate adaptor and mounts direct to tester.\\r\\n\\r\\nRoofing Screw Tester - Determines the strength and suitability of fixings in built-up roofing constructions where performance data is unavailable.\\r\\n\\r\\nHyeavy Duty Tension Tester - Heavy Duty Fixing Testers - enabling engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials\\r\\n\\r\\nMedium Duty Tester - Medium Duty Fixing Testers - enabling engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials\\r\\n\\r\\nWire Rope Tester- Tension Meter designed for testing wire ropes used for fall-arrest systems, strain measurement of rigging, guy ropes, tower and mast supports, and checking the security of crimped/swaged end fittings as applied to wire ropes/ Universal Safety Lifeline Cable Testing equipment - Available as either a \\\'kit 1\\\' (Cable frame only) or \\\'Kit 2\\\' comprehensive combined tester kit and cable frame.\\r\\n\\r\\nHydraulic Testing Equipment - Specialist hydraulic equipment for testing above 145kN.\\r\\n\\r\\nSafety Post and Foundation Test Equipment - Specialist equipment for testing motorway crash barrier safety posts.\\r\\n\\r\\nRemote Tester\\r\\n\\r\\n
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