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Your extended arm to access global inventory for critical spares

Organized to Serve Your Needs
TTL was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who have worked across the industries for more two decades, we can see a exponential growth that would be driven by existing and newly emerging manufacturing and industrial companies. These companies would need support and services in order to operate efficiently and profitably because growth brings new opportunities with new challenges.

Spare parts and equipment are mission-critical for manufacturers. If a machine breaks down, production stops. Workers and machines can sit idle for days or even weeks. Costly raw materials no longer flow through the manufacturing process. Shipments can be delayed. Frustrated customers can become unhappy and begin to complain. They may cancel the order. They may even decide to take their business to one of your competitors.

The Right Part
When equipment breaks down, only one part will repair it-the right part. Without that part, you can\'t take care of your customers, and serving your customers is your mission. Getting the right part into your hands is our mission.

Buying Worldwide
Supplier and Machine Manufacturers want to do business with companies in other countries. The new Global Economy demands it. Your manufacturing equipment may have been made outside of your country, so it makes sense that your spare parts come directly from the company that originally made the equipment. But companies in its origin may have difficulty dealing with the complexity of selling across international borders.

We Are Your Insider
You may feel like an outsider when you try to buy from a accompany based out side of your country. You need their parts. They want your business. But there is a gap between you that can make you feel like an outsider. That is where TTL in. We are your \"inside source\" to help you and your people tap into the global supply system.

Your Partner at TTL
When you need parts fast, let TTL be the first step you take. It is the only step you will need to take. The rest of the steps are up to TTL.

Find Out How We Can Help
Explore our website to learn more about our organization and the services we provide. Browse the categories of parts and equipment that we supply. If you don\'t find what you are looking for, we can find it for you. Contact us for more information.

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Toolers Technical And Automation
Compressor, Sensor, Vacuum Pump

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