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Brand Name: Toshniwal
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We offer unique and innovative vacuum solutions for semiconductor production, Chemical & Pharma research, and other industrial applications. Toshniwal incorporates engineering, design and manufacturing concepts to bring you solutions aimed not just at vacuum performance, but at today\\\\\\\'s equally important issues of productivity, efficiency and cost of ownership. As such, all Toshniwal vacuum solutions are designed with the following criteria in mind. Highest performance for the price... value Robust and reliable Easy to repair... even in the field Economical to operate These products incorporate the latest vacuum technology to meet your advanced needs: Your processes have become sensitive to potential contamination from the pumps and leak detectors you use.... Toshniwal developed a variety of models that operate without contaminating manufacturing substances. Your processes are more sensitive to small leaks... we have very high-sensitivity leak detectors that operate with the ease, speed. Your processes involve the use of chemical substrates that damage conventional pumps, causing downtime and productivity losses... we have developed pumps that withstand the effects of these materials and operate reliably for extended periods. These are just a few examples of how Toshniwal\\\\\\\'s products evolve with your needs. We invite you to take a closer look at the following product information. We are confident that you will find a product that satisfies your needs , otherwise just ask for it ! For over 35 years, Process Vacuum Division has been supplying to the market special type of Vacuum Pump and Roots Pumping System. Vacuum pump has always been hand in hand that vacuum gauges which is essential for the suitability control vacuum or to be used for industrial application. The business unit is divided into the product line of Vacuum pumps, Vacuum systems, power Generation Unit, Total Pressure Gauging and Vacuum accessories and Engineering.
Mr. Rohan Saraf
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