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Brand Name: REVOCARE
Model Number: 1266R
Place of Origin: USA
MOQ: 1
Type: Filters
Color: White, Yellow, Green
Material: Polyamide
Certificate: NSF
Technology: Carbon Filtration, Membrane Filtration

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Stage 1: Pre-filter (5 micron): To remove suspended particles such as Sediments, Insects, Fiber, Asbestos, Rust and Dust etc. Stage 2: Granular Activated carbon : To reduce Chlorine, Color, Odor and absorbs Volatile Rrganic components from feed water. Stage 3: Activated carbon filter : To absorb complete Chlorine, Odor, Color and Organic chemicals from feed water. Stage 4: TFC membrane (with pores of 0.0001 mic.): Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, access salt and waterborne micro organisms such as virus, bacteria etc. Stage 5: Post carbon : removes bad taste and odor, improves the water taste and enhances the antibacterial functions by silver granular activate carbon. Stage 6: Special ceramic mineral filter: is used for pH control, giving mineral supply and adding great taste to the water. Stage 7: UV Sterilization system : Kills bacteria & viruses. Also included: - Free Installation - Free Service (for 12 months): One visit every 3 months - Free Maintenance (for 12 months): Replacing cartridges & membranes when necessary - Free services while shifting homes to new location. - Free shower filter Contact Details: www.revosis.com info@revosis.com +971 55 2308 194 Jack Raymond
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