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Silver Corner Trading
P.O.Box: 54140, Pyramid Building, Karama, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: 04-3967799 Fax: 04-3969961 Email:
Authorized Distributor & Service Provider of
Head Office:
Pyramid Building,
Opposite Al Madina Supermarket,
Karama, Dubai
P.O.Box: 54140
Tel: 04-3967799
Fax: 04-3969961
Silver Corner Trading, is an Authorized Distributor and Service Provider of Everpure
Water Filtration System.
Established in 1997, Silver Corner Trading has grown to become recognized as an authorized distributor
and service provider of Everpure through its quality, reliability and commendable services across the
UAE. Since 1997, we are serving Everpure Customers with our quality services, which include
Distribution, Installation, Replacement and Preventive maintenance.
Everpure is water. Their entire existence revolves around providing the best, most consistent water
anywhere. Everpure offer a total scope of water treatment technologies, holds more than 70 active and
pending patents worldwide. These Filters are tested and certified to the highest standards by NSF
International. It has more than 200 models of Filters with 5 years warranty. That’s why so many
foodservice operators depend on Everpure to solve their water problems. Everpure is the leading global
provider of quality water solutions in the foodservice industry.
Silver Corner Trading
P.O.Box: 54140, Pyramid Building, Karama, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: 04-3967799 Fax: 04-3969961 Email:
Everpure has purposely designed filters to address all kinds of water related problems which will
ensure that the coffee Machines, Ice Makers, Ovens, Steamers and Fountain, Beverages Equipments to
work trouble free for as well as to ensure that our customers will be served with the best tasting food
and beverages. It has special individual filtration systems for Specific foodservice applications and also
for Villas, Hospitals, Schools, and Marine etc.
Everpure provides:
1. Reduction of Chlorine, particulates, asbestos fibers and cysts in water.
2. Safe and effective antimicrobial protection for enhanced filter. Biofilm can’t grow and won’t coat the
absorptive surface performance:
3. Enhanced filter performance
a. More available surface for the filter to use during its lifetime
b. Longer life
4. An answer to growing public concern.
NSF certifications:
*NSF certifications 53
a) Cyst Reduction
b) Asbestos Reduction
c) Turbidity Reduction
*NSF Standard 42
a) Mechanicala.
b) Particulate Reduction, Class I
*NSF Standard 42
a) Taste & Odor Reduction
b) Chlorine Reduction
As an authorized dealer of Everpure Products, We served Foodservice customers with our best and
quality services. We offer products for Foodservice, Office Coffee, Office Water, Vending, Marine and
Aviation Products. Contaminants like suspended solids (e.g. bacteria and cysts), chemicals (e.g. chlorine
or chloramines), minerals (e.g. iron and calcium), and dissolved liquids and gases (e.g. hydrogen sulfide)
can not only affect the taste and smell of your food and beverages, but they can also lead to clogging
and scale build-up on expensive equipment. Everpure’s Total Water Management Program can solve
your water problems. So We, Silver Corner Trading, will analyze your operation, provide
recommendations, and install the right products to your applications so your water is problem free and
we will help you stay that way with our maintenance program.
Our motto, “We are Customer-oriented and Centered on service.”
With Everpure, we are committed to helping you manage your water, by using our extensive experience
and knowledge, we analyze your water, survey your operation, assess your needs, and deliver you the
ideal water treatment solution—customized to your operation. We ensure your operation\'s water is
clean, clear and consistent.
Silver Corner Trading
P.O.Box: 54140, Pyramid Building, Karama, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: 04-3967799 Fax: 04-3969961 Email:
“We are Customer-oriented and Centered on service.”
With Everpure, our focus is ensuring businesses such as yours enjoy premium-quality water, free of
problems that can do anything from damage equipment, to create customer dissatisfaction and even
tarnish your reputation. The solution we provide is a combination of value-added services, products and
post-sales support called Total Water Management (TWM).
Our Total Water Management (TWM) program Includes:
 Water testing and analysis
 Site survey
 Application engineering
 Point of Use water conditioning technologies
 Point of Entry water conditioning technologies
 Point of Exit water conditioning technologies
 Technical services
 Customer services
 Comprehensive post-sale services.
We’re particularly proud of Everpure success in foodservice, because this market has the highest of
standards for quality. Restaurateurs need to keep their operation costs low, and offer quality food and
beverages that keep their customers coming back. That’s why most operators’ turns to Silver Corner
Trading Services because we’re known for offering quality, skilled and trusted services.
To have a long term Customer relationship, we thoroughly satisfy our customers with our pre-term and
post-term, no cost service.
 Our No-Cost Service includes:
• A custom water analysis and testing.
• Site survey by our qualified and trained engineers.
• A custom product recommendation for your particular applications
• Technical Installation services
• Post-sale services.
 Our Water Testing & Analysis:
Will provide precise and detailed information on the following:
o Turbidity (cloudiness)
o pH
o Hardness
o Alkalinity
o Anions
o Cations(Metals)
Silver Corner Trading
P.O.Box: 54140, Pyramid Building, Karama, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: 04-3967799 Fax: 04-3969961 Email:
Also available (if requested) *:
o THM + VOC + Bacteria
o Per chlorate
o Sulfide
*Note: We charged our best price for this additional testing & analysis.
 Site Survey Includes:
o Water Source detection
o Application analysis
o Estimation of water consumption
o See where water conservation can take place.
 A custom product recommendation for your particular applications includes:
From Everpure exclusive quick-change precoat filters, to its combi reverse osmosis systems, to its
innovative ESO7 three-stage blending filters, there’s a product to ensure your water is managed
perfectly and consistently.
Everpure has different filters for your different applications, such as Gas/electric operated
combisteamer, Baking deck oven, Proofer, Coffee – Espresso – Vending equipment, Automatic coffee
machine, Coffee boiler, urn, Hot water boilers, Ice Cubers , Ice Flakers, Preparation sinks (Fish, Meat and
Veg.), Dishwasher (hood type & conveyor type), Under sink glass washers/ dish washer, Water coolers,
For Central kitchen, Steam Oven Application , Preparation sinks, Small Water softener, REVERSE
OSMOSIS UNIT, coolers and drinking water applications etc.
We specify you a custom filtration system for your particular applications based on:
o Your application size
o Pressure point
o Flow rate
o Water Quality
o Application analysis etc
 Technical Installation services:
We will undertake complete technical work i.e.:
o Installation
o Leak detection
o Any repair
o Supply of products
o Fitting of water treatment filters
Silver Corner Trading
P.O.Box: 54140, Pyramid Building, Karama, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: 04-3967799 Fax: 04-3969961 Email:
 Post-sale services:
Our skilled technicians have great experience and continuous training in the field. This allows us to offer
competence and specific knowledge to our customers the most exhaustively as possible.
Post-sale services are:
o Customer service
o Preventive maintenance
o Damages or failures repair at the customer’s
o Periodic or \'as required\' maintenance or repair of equipment.
o Periodic replacement of equipment, even before voiced.
Our Highly qualified, trained, skilled Engineers and Technician will be available within your reach and
professionally solved your any troubles with our services.
Our dedicated & qualified Teams in charge:
 Mr. Muneer (Marketing Manager)
 Mr. Mohammed Nouman (Sales Engineer)
 Mr. Imran Khan (Sales Engineer)
 Mr. Rajesh (Sales Executive)
We understand that there is no better advertising than a satisfied customer.
Good follow-up and service after the sale will not only establish and maintain our good reputation, but
also build goodwill between our customers and our business, and that in turn generate repeat and
referral business.
Silver Corner Trading
P.O.Box: 54140, Pyramid Building, Karama, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: 04-3967799 Fax: 04-3969961 Email:
Some of our prominent & satisfied customers are:
 Spinney’ s
 Choithram Super Markets
 Carrefour Supermarkets
 Lulu Hypermarkets
 Rotana Hotel Group
 Sheraton Group
 Le Merdien Group
 The Fairmont Group
 Jumeirah Beach Hotel
 Dusit Dubai
 Jumeirah primary School
 GEMS Managed SCHOOL Group
 Bits Pilani Medical College RAK
 Binhendi Enterprises
 Cravia Group
 Hyatt Regency
 Burj Al Arab
 World Trade Center
 Al Futtaim Engg.
 Many Trading Companies & Kitchen Equipments.
 Many Villas at various part of Dubai like Desert Palm Residence, Lakes, and Jumeirah
And many, many more.
Thanks & Regards
Mohammed Nouman (Sales Engineer)
Mob: 050-2864561
Tel: 04-3967799
Fax: 04-3969961
Please feel free to contact us or email us on
Incase of any emergency or for quick response call us @ 050-2864561
“We are Customer-oriented and Centered on service.”
“Your today’s investment will be fruitful in future”
Mr. Muneer Ummer

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