Sodium Bicarbonate 99%

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\"Livestock nutrition It is used as buffering agent and antacid in cattle feed and as a sodium source to improve the growth rate of poultry. Food industry It is used in baking powder as a leavening agent along with an acidic agent, such as cream of tartar. Pharmaceuticals It is used to produce antacids and to treat kidney stones, aspirin overdose, hyperkalaemia, low blood pH condition, allergies, and cancer. Cosmetics and disinfectants It is used in making products such as scrubs, tooth pastes, teeth whitener soap, and to neutralise bad breath. Rubber and plastic It is used as a blowing agent in plastic and rubber industry. Detergents It is sometimes used in detergents as a replacement of sodium carbonate because of its low pH. Other applications It is used in curing of wool and silk, leather tanning, and air and water treatment

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