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Brand Name: Star Trace
Model Number: STGPE-01
Place of Origin: Chennai,India
MOQ: 1 Unit
Type: Gold Processing Equipments
Color: Green
Certificate: ISO 9001:2008

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INTRODUCTION: STAR TRACE Heavy-Duty Vibro Motor Powered Vibratory Feeder is a high frequency reciprocating machine of heavy duty capable on conveying bilk material from storage to processing or between processed at a continuous controlled rate flow. Vibrating feeders for Gold are used in processing industries for handling all type of materials such as hot, damp, lumps, dusty or abrasive for various functions like flow of material from storage, proportioning and blending, packaging, mixing, weighing, sprinkling, screening, scalping, crushing, washing, drying, heating, cooling, dusting, spreading, batching and etc. CONSTRUCTION: VIBRATORY FEEDER: Vibrating Feeder for Gold can be supplied with base mounted over hanging or combined single motor drive or with twin dual or Dual twin motor drive or with multiple drives to serve as vibrating conveyors. These feeders are having a tray mounted on the drive units. This drive unit is located beneath the tray. VIBRATORY MOTORS: Vibratory Motors used in Vibro feeders are totally enclosed 3 phase, squirrel cage induction motors with adjustable, eccentric weights mounted at the both the end of the shaft to set up vibrations during rotation. The design of shaft and the selection of bearing has been carefully done to withstand heavy radial loads. Two identical motors mounted parallel to each other on a right and left, which is free to move in all directions, will produce linear vibrations. When connected for contra-rotation so know this principle is adopted for handling large bulky material in large feeders. FEATURES Stable vibrating. Adjustable excitation force. Equipped with vibration motors. Reliable operation, long usage life. Simple structure. Light weight, small size. Convenient to install and maintain. Enclosed type can prevent dust pollution (optional). Stable and convenient control of flow. Vibrating motor as excitation source. Low noise. Low power consumption. Good adjusting performance and without material splash. Open or closed design - standard or tailor-made to suit your job. Designed to meet the current requirements for effective and gentle dosing and feeding processes. Designed for continuous operation - no regular inspection or lubrication is necessary equal to negligible maintenance.. BENEFITS Ruggedly constructed & Long- Life service. High reliability & Very steady operation. Low-power electric motor. High vibrating stroke. Minimal maintenance & no safety cables required. Bolts directly to hopper outlet flange. Reduced installation and startup costs. Rapid and smooth starting and stopping. Safe and stable vibratory feeder operation. Driven by conventional asynchronous motor. Optional Controller for varying the material flow rate. Ensures proper feeder and chutework clearances. Single package - including vibratory feeder, chutework and supports. Integrated chutework options are available for both electromechanical and electromagnetic vibratory feeders.

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Before 2001
Annual Revenue
US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets
East Asia, Africa, South Asia, Middle East
Export Ratio
31% - 40%

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