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Camel Milk Powder, Whey Powder

Company Introduction

Dear Sir,

We are the only company which produces large quantities of camel milk in the whole world by keeping in mind the fact that camels are giving very less milk comparing to cows. We poses nearly 3500++ camels and its increasing day by day targeting 10,000 camels within 2-3 years.

Hygiene, Animal Welfare, strict international food processing procedures and following the proper standards are the other major reasons that EU and Malaysia gave us permissions to export our products to EU countries and Malaysia; we are ISO22000 certified on camel milk processing, production and animal husbandry. So quantities are not going to be a hurdle for us.

Fresh Pasteurized camel milk:
We do have fresh camel milk: but keep in mind that the fresh milk is having limited shelf life of 15 days and need to be kept chilled during the journey and even upon reaching it need to be kept in refrigerator. Unfortunately GCC countries allowing 5 days shelf life only.

The temperature in which it should be kept is 0 – 4 degree Celsius.
We have camel milk in liquid form. Three sizes of 250 ml, 500ml and 1 liter.
Flavored milks are all in 250ml size.
Dates milk shake.
Saffron flavored milk.
Strawberry flavored milk.
Chocolate flavored milk.
And Laban which is also known as drinking yoghurt.
The local shelf life of the above mentioned products are 5 days except laban for 7 days (GCC).
But for export outside the GCC territory we are offering 15 days shelf life provided that the cold chain is maintained throughout the journey and transportation.
Recently we produced fresh camel milk cheese, three types. The local names for those types of cheeses are Nabulsi, Akawi and white cheese. Somehow a form of Feta cheese.
It comes in 200 grams packaging and also in a catering pack of 1.5kgs bucket.
Cheese has a shelf life of 14 days – 30 days depending on the packaging materials used. and it can reach 45 days for export.

The transportation will only be possible by air for short life products to your country.
Do you have the required infrastructure to support the chilled (0-4 degree Celsius) distribution?

Coming soon Products:
- Ghee
- Labnah Balls with mint
- Labnah Balls with Chilly
- Plain Labnah

Future Products:
- Functional Drinks
- Healthy Bars
- Nutritious

Camel milk powder & Whey powder:
We produce camel milk powder by freeze drying; we use it for our chocolate production “Al-Nassma Camel milk chocolate” and direct sales to food and cosmetics manufactures in addition to whey powder production.
We derive 40 kg out of approx 550 liters of fresh milk after a process of 24 hours process. So you can imagine the energy costs involved in making this product.
We assure you that we can meet your demand.

Because this is pure camel milk powder and not fortified with any non-dairy creamer or other ingredients hence all properties of fresh camel milk is present in this powder.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Packing: 10 Kgs multi ply paper bags
Freeze dried camel milk.

As we indicated that we do produce milk powder but with different technology comparing to the one which is traditionally used in commercial dairy plants in Europe, USA or other territories.

Difference between instant milk powder and our milk powder:

Instant milk powder (simple spray drying)
It is a powder which is commercially available in the brands like NIDO, COAST or ANCHOR derived from cows with a traditional technology called spray drying. Spray drying method is like showering milk and then giving hot air wave to evaporate the water or moisture and the remaining is milk solids. But by this method some vitamins gets damaged due to high heath shock. So most of the commercial companies compensate the lost vitamins by adding later.
This powder physical appearance is finer and small particles after other processes involved and easily dissolved in cold or warm water.

Camelicious powder (freeze drying technology)
Our powder is derived from the technology called freeze drying technology, which is very expensive in terms of time and energy consuming. But the quality is very good in terms of vitamins and all minerals present in the milk. The method is by freezing the milk first and then vacuuming the freeze milk under extreme pressure, hence resulting in evaporating the moisture and remaining of milk solids in the form of crystal powder in the machine. By this method all the minerals and vitamins remain in the milk, therefore not compromised.
But the only issue comes with the dissolving in water and solubility, I mean that due to the process the powder becomes in flakes type. And I guess it is not a major issue because the milk benefits are not compromised provided the milk powder is used in industrial manufacturing of other products.

Our new Instant Milk Powder ( Coming Within 1 year – without any other additives with new technology keeping all its nutritional values as near as possible to original values)

I hope you understand the difference.


The Camel Milk Whey powder consistency is crispy flakes due to Freeze Dry effect.
 It dissolves in normal water.
 The Whey powder is produced from homogenized & Un-homogenized Camel Milk according to cheese production process.
 Whey Powder packed in 3ply paper bags of 10Kgs each.

Two types of whey powder we produce:
1- Coagulation Camel Milk Whey Powder:
 Whey powder is produced from Camel Milk clotting done by Coagulant food enzyme.
 Color – White
 Taste- Light salty & Sour
 After Recombined – Normal Whey Milk Taste

2- Fermented Camel Milk Whey Powder:
 Whey powder is produced from Camel Milk clotting done by Coagulant food enzyme and Lactococcus lactis fermentation.
 Color – Yellowish
 Taste- salty & Sour
 After Recombined –Whey Fermented Taste

Usage and application:
We can collaborate in different fields, like co-branding of another product.
Distributing our existing products.

1- Joint venture
2- New Product development & production.
3- Co-Branding.
5- Marketing and distribution.

The reason we do not encourage the resale and usage of freeze dried camel milk powder is:
Consumers will always compare the finishing with other products over its health benefits.
Huge marketing cost by convincing consumers the health benefits of camel milk in general and its reconstitution or dilution in water .

Questions to you:
- Company profile.
- Your plan about Camelicious camel milk.
- Brief marketing and distribution strategy.
- Quantities intended for distribution and/or usage.
- Do you have the required infrastructure to support the chilled (0-4 degree Celsius) distribution?
- Can you also provide the distribution penetration of the existing products in your current territories?

Now can you tell me what is your main interest now in Camelicious products? And do you think that the demand is enough to introduce such products in Qatar market? Have you done any survey?

Kindly let us know your feedback and suggestions to see how best we can collaborate and move forward.

Further information can be provided if needed.

Saeed Bin Subaih


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