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Food Grade Lubricants, Laboratory Equipments
Mr. Sanis Sainudeen

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Aqua Chek Yellow Test Strips

Tests for: Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer). Ideal for customers who use chlorine as the saniti...

Tags: Diagnostic Equipment

Shoe Cover Dispenser

Automatic shoe cover dispender...

Tags: Shoe Cover Dispenser

Wheel Chair


Tags: Wheel Chair

Insect Trap

The discrete & functional i-trap 25 insect control unit With its innovative design, the i-trap 25 is recommended for use in hom...Brand Name: Alochem, Place of Origin: Italy...

Tags: Kitchen Lighting

Hi Pure Distilled Water

HI PURE DISTILLED WATER Hi Pure distilled water is nontoxic, stable solvent generated through cutting edge technology by IonPure ...

Tags: Distilled Water

Milk Frothing Thermometer

Milk frothing thermometer - barista thermometer - espresso Milk frothing or coffee thermometer Easy to read colour-coded dial ...

Tags: Cooking Tools

Pocket Thermometers

Pocket thermometers...

Tags: Precision Tools

Thermometer Probe Wipes

These probe thermometer wipes help to eliminate cross- contamination and the spread of bacteria; simply swab the metal section of ...

Tags: Mold Inhibitors

White Half Gumboots

White half gumboots...

Tags: Safety Products

Auto Cut Tissue Dispenser

Auto cut tissue dispenser...

Tags: Tissue Paper

Blue Tissue Auto Cut Paper

Blue tissue auto cut paper, Made in Italy...

Tags: Tissue Paper

Blue Tissue Maxiroll

Blue tissue maxiroll ...

Tags: Tissue Paper

Face Mask Dispenser

Face mask dispenser...

Tags: Cosmetic Dispensers

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand sanitizer gel and dispenser...

Tags: Everyday Care Products

Hand Soap Dispenser

Hand soap dispenser...

Tags: Hand Soap Dispenser

Auto Cut Tissue Dispenser

Auto cut tissue dispenser...

Tags: Kitchen Supplies

Air Freshner Dispenser

Air freshner dispenser...

Tags: Cleaning Chemicals

Chlorine Test Strips

Chlorine sanitizer concentration test strips...

Tags: Vegetable Washers

Chef And Butcher Knifes And Holder

Chef and butcher knives and holder Sizes 6\" to 14\"...

Tags: Food Processors

Safety Shoe

Safety Shoes, Low and high ankle, Antistatic, Anti Slip, Oil and Acid resistance. ...

Tags: Safety Shoes

Electronic Fly Killer EFK , Glue Board Type

Electronic Fly Killer EFK , glue board, Wall mounting type type...

Tags: Building Apparatus

Kitchen Chef Shoes

Kitchen shoes Chef shoes...

Tags: Safety Products

Maxiroll Tissue Premium Quality

Maxiroll tissue premium quality...

Tags: Medical Disposables

Non Woven Disposable Visitor Coat

Economy Disposable Coats We offer an economy range of non-woven polypropylene lab coats that provide a suitable solution where ...

Tags: Medical Disposables

Shoe Cover Disposable Plastic

Disposable Overshoes 2000 shoe covers are made from non-slip CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene Embossed). They have numerous uses with...

Tags: Medical Disposables

Over Sleeves

PE Disposable Oversleeves are boxed 2000 sleeves per case and available in an array of colours making them fantastic for use as pa...

Tags: Medical Disposables

Plastic Disposable Apron HDPE / LDPE

Specifications 1. disposable PE apron: polyethylene 2. HDPE apron: low-density polythene 3. disposable LDPE apron: high-den...

Tags: Medical Disposables

Colored Hairnet

Ideal for any foodservice employee, these large, spun-bonded hair nets fit comfortably on most workers. Hair nets are made with an...

Tags: Medical Disposables

Hairnet Disposable

Ideal for any foodservice employee, these large, spun-bonded hair nets fit comfortably on most workers. Hair nets are made with an...

Tags: Bouffant Cap

Surgical Face Mask Disposable 3 Ply

These masks provide users with an excellent protective barrier. It\'s great for preventing the spread of infections. These face ma...

Tags: Medical Disposables

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