Fruit Punch With Chia Seeds And Green Barley

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30aed/pc minimum 28 bottles (Get Latest Price)

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Brand Name: HWIC
Place of Origin: Philippines
MOQ: 1 pc
Certificate: FDA Reg # FR-113742

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CHIA CAN HELP YOU GET SKINNY! Yes! Chia seeds  **Due to the high fibre content and nutritional density, it helps dieters feel full faster and remain sated for longer periods of time. No deprivation, no binges and no guilt! **Considered to be hydrophilic, meaning they can absorb large amounts of water quickly making it a great enhancer in hydrating our bodies, A VALUABLE TOOL FOR ATHLETES OR ANYONE LOOKING TO IMPROVE THEIR DAY TO DAY PERFORMANCE AND ENDURANCE. ** helps to boost metabolism and promote lean muscle mass. Some of the few health benefits that you can reap from eating 1 tbsp of Chia seeds everyday: **Can help reduce the the risk of heart disease **Lowerblood pressure **Stabilizes blood sugar (glucose) level **helps you to sleep better ** helps to cleanse and soothe the colon, and absorb toxins while lubricating and strengthening peristaltic action. ** reduced pain and inflammation (e.g. joint pains, arthritis, rheumatism) ** helps to improve brain function (including memory and concentration).
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