Ceiling Mounted Air Purifiers (Electrostatic Smoke Cleaners)

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Ceiling Mounted Air Purifiers (Electrostatic Smoke Cleaners) Electrostatic Air Cleaners will electronically clean your facilities by eliminating airborne dirt, dust, smoke, pollen and germs in your working surroundings. It is surely beneficial both to you and your employees since you will take pleasure in breathing a cleaner, fresher and dirt-free atmosphere, a comfortable working place that may result into productive and assertive employees. It is being proved that thousands of people who have airborne allergies and asthma have experienced instant relief as the installation of Air Purifiers 0takes place. When compared to Media Based Air Filters, Electronic Air Cleaners is far beyond compare economically wise since you can clean and reuse the Electrostatic Precipitator instead of having recurring costs on Media Filters. Our Electronic Air Cleaner continually purifies the air, dirt, dust, smoke, oil-mist, staining and contaminating particles because Air Cleaner directly collected these substances so it will not spread in your walls, floors, ceilings and equipment. It has also special characteristics in reducing the costs of heating and cooling because conditioned air flow freely. Charged particles (pollutants) will be moved into the gathering area where they are attracted to a series of grounded plates and stays in this section until such time that you will clean your Electronic Air Cleaner. Clean air is then disseminated from the side grills in four directions permitting superior air flow circulation. Whats good in our Flush Mounted Electrostatic Air Cleaners is that it is practically invisible and it is designed for optimum noise control so its ideal for tranquil environments. It also fits into drop ceilings and no duct work required. Benefits Hygienic Interiors : Electrostatic Air Cleaners decrease the level of dust and invisible staining particles that normally settle on walls and furnishings and helps to prevent damaging black and greasy particles from staining ceilings, walls and furnishings, reducing the amount of housekeeping and redecorating costs. Easy Installation and Maintenance : The existing filter is replaced by our Electrostatic Air Cleaners and cleans with water and mild detergent. Cheap Disposable Collector Pads are easily repaired or replaced as required. Healthy Environment : Our Electrostatic Air Cleaners eliminate pollen, dust, smoke, mildew, plant spores and fungus and it will quickly get rid of smoky environment, so customers can dine more comfortably and that it will stink in their clothes and your valuable employees works without absenteeism. High Efficiency : Our Electrostatic Air Cleaners keep the high efficiency of heating and cooling systems. It helps to have a lower energy bills through recycling air rather than exhausting expensive cooled air. Larger Profits : Since the air that circulates in your restaurant or bars is fresh and pure your customers will feel more convenient. They will eat and drink more and come back often. Recycling cooled and fresh air significantly lower the energy costs. visit web site www.tareeqtr.com Email add: info@tareeqtr.com cont no: 00971-52-8145826
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