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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF 800 GALLONS PER DAY REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM. BASIS OF DESIGN AND TREATMENT SCHEME The design and engineering of this unit is based on Brackish water feed of 1000 ppm TDS ( Total Dissolved Salt) and UAE Municipal Water .The system is designed for immediate deployment under numerous condition where purified drinking water is crucial. AQUAPRO AP series can produce more interrupted hours of drinking water production in the harshest of environments and from a wide range of available water sources. The system is provided with instrumentation to monitor, pre treatment of feed water, back washing of filters, and system flushing as well as numerous safety features to enhance the operators standard of living. System Specifications: Quantity : 01 Unit Manufacturer : AquaPro Capacity : 3000 Gallons Per day/ per unit % Recovery : 70% Design Temp : 25 degree C Max Temp : 45 degree C Membrane Type : TFC, Made In USA. Pressure Vessel : FRP Design Basis Feed Flow : 0.8 US GPM Product flow : 0.55 US GPM Feed TDS : 1000 PPM Feed Pressure : Flooded (Through Booster Pump) Feed Water Chlorine : 0 ppm Feed Water Turbidity : < 1 NTU Feed Water SDI : <3 Maximum Capacity (Design) : 24 hours/day Operation Product Quality : <100 PPM 1. System Design 1.1 Fine Filtration AquaPro Sediment Filter is a mainline filtration system, specially designed to filter sediment particle like silt, scale, dust, rust, sand etc, at a very high flow rate with a filtration rating of 5 micron. It is an ideal remedy for all problems of water filtration for entire houses, hotels, swimming pools, laundries etc., where ever filtered water in large quantities required. AquaPro Sediment filter allows all water appliances to last longer and perform better. Long lasting PP cartridge is used in this system to keep maintenance charges to a minimum. Quantity : One set Manufacturers : Kemflo, Taiwan Max Operating pressure: 90 PSI Material Of Housing : PP Length Of Cartridge : 20
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