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Container Seals, Corner Guards, Fenders, Pipes, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Tubes, Speed Humps
Mr. Owais Ahmed

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Our Products

Di Electric Unions

The di electric coupler sleeve and the separator gasket in the Di Electric union prevent metal to metal contact thereby protecting...

Tags: Pipe Tools

Flexible Expansion Joints

The bellows are constructed from Neoprene/EPDM or NBR material with a Nylon Cord Fabric Reinforcement. For sizes 2 ...

Tags: Pipe Tools

Flexible Pipe Connectors

The Flexible Pipe Connectors are available in sizes from ...Brand Name: Diamond Pipe Supports...

Tags: Pipe Tools

Ladder Shoes

Ladder Shoes are rubber slip resistant foot pads designed for ladders. Our Ladder Shoes are combination shields and shoes that are...

Tags: Rubber

Anti Vibration Pad

Ribbed Mounting Pad Cork Sandwich Pad Metal Sandwich Pad Waffle Pads ...

Tags: Rubber

Bridge Bearing & Expansion Joints

Use on bridges and similar structure to transfer forces from the superstructure to the substructure....

Tags: Bridge Bearing Expansion Joints

Rubber Sheets

Rubber Sheets is a roll form thermal insulation with a high quality of NBR/PVC in Black Color. Insulations are equiped with smooth...

Tags: Rubber Sheet Rubber Sheets

Rubber Tubes Pipes

Rubber Tubes and pipes is a tube form thermal insulation with a high quality of NBR/PVC in Black Colour. With soft skin and its av...

Tags: Rubber Pipes Rubber Tubes

Sponge Profiles

Rubtech sponge EPDM profiles find application in buildings for insulation purposes/FRP Tank panel/Automotive industry and keep out...

Tags: Rubber Products

Automotive Profiles

Rubtech solid- sponge co extruded profiles are used around doors of automobiles to keep water and dust out....

Tags: Rubber Products

Container Seals

Rubtech container seals are used to prevent air, moisture and water from entering into the container and they help in preservation...

Tags: Container Seals

EPDM Building Profiles

Rubtech EPDM Building Profiles are used in Building construction industries for Aluminum frames of Doors and windows-Sliding / Hin...

Tags: Rubber

Rubber Stop Guards

Wheel Stoppers are designed to provide good energy absorption from vehicle impact, thus protecting the anchor bolts from the impac...

Tags: Rubber

Speed Humps

The Speed Humps are designed to reduce the speed of the vehicle....

Tags: Speed Breaker Speed Humps

Rubber Wall Guards

Wall Guards are designed to protect the structures from impact of trolleys and general warehouse traffic....

Tags: Rubber

Rubber Corner Guards

The Corner Guards are designed to protect the edges of coloumns in structures....

Tags: Corner Guards Rubber Corner Guards

Block Fender

Block Fender can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions and shapes(rectangular/square). Therefore this fender is widely used at...

Tags: Rubber Products

Arch V Fender

Arch / V Fender is a traditional V type, and has been popular for many years. Their strong and simple construction suits them to a...

Tags: Rubber Products

Cylindrical Fender

Cylindrical Fender have been used for many years for ship and wharf protection. Cylindrical rubber fenders have many advantages. I...Brand Name: Rubtech...

Tags: Fender

D Fender

D-Fender are d-section profiles which are widely uses as beltings on tugs and other workboats. D fenders can be supplied with eith...Brand Name: Rubtech, Place of Origin: U.A.E...

Tags: Fender

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