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CP-4600 SERIES synthetic hydrocarbon oils are similar to super-refined paraffinic oil. The fluid has a highly branched structure, which results in a low pour point. The length and position of side chains have been optimized to produce fluids with excellent viscosity/temperature characteristics. Absence of unsaturation and impurities contribute to excellent chemical stability in the presence of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants. The high molecular weight and excellent thermal stability result in low volatility. These oils are produced in ISO viscosity grades ranging from 5 to 1000+. CP-4600 SERIES fluids have been extensively used in rotary screw refrigeration compressor applications. The oils have good miscibility with R-12 and superior stability. Reports have also indicated superior adiabatic efficiency of three to ten percent in these compressors when compared to naphthenic refrigeration oils. This efficiency improvement is largely attributed to higher viscosity under dilution and temperature conditions. Selection of higher viscosity grades, not available with naphthenic oils, permits even higher efficiencies through an improved sealing effect. These same properties have contributed to the use of CP-4600 SERIES fluids in industrial heat pumps using R-114. Lower evaporator temperatures are permissible than with mineral oils as CP-4600 SERIES fluids are wax free and have good low temperature fluidity for oil return. Low temperature fluidity is the major reason CP-4600 SERIES fluids have been used in the United States for relatively insoluble refrigerants such as Refrigerant-13 (R-13) and Refrigerant-503 (R-503). The lubricant viscosity, generally ISO 15 or 32 is selected by considering operating viscosity in the compressor as well as low temperature fluidity below -100
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