Multiple Colors LED Semi Cylinder Tower Light-Wall Mounting Light SWTC

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Brand Name: qlight

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Easily Attached to Walls as Wall Mounting Type Product and Reduced in the Risk of Damage from Touching by Obstacle

* Wall mounting LED steady/flashing light and easily to installed onto wall
* As a semi-cylinder wall mounting type, reducing the risk of damage from touching by obstacle
* Attractive appearance by adapting cover vacuum-plating and it upgrades the machine
* Radiating LED light directly toward product user by expanded window, ensuring high visibility even from side direction
* Transmitting 2~3 colors signal through one window by using multi-colored LED
* Suitable for the place where bulb change is difficult or strong vibration and impact exists.
* Possible to be used outdoor as waterproof and dust-proof structure ensures excellent airtightness
* Standard Color( R-Red, A-Amber, G-Green)
2 Colors : R-Red G-Green
3 Colors : R-Red A-Amber G-Green
* Material : Lens-PC, Body-ABS, Cover-ABS
* Protection Class : IP55, Possible to use outdoor
* Flashes : 60~80/min.
* Volume(Buzzer Built-in Type) : 90dB/m. (2 Buzzer Sound type is custom made)

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Led Tower Lights, Tower Light, Warning Lights

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