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Bedsheets, Comforter, Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Mattress Covers, Mattress Protectors, Pillow Covers, Pillow Protectors, Quilt Cover Sets

Company Introduction

Welcome to ELS Textiles, a dedicated team of textile professionals who provide and organize the export of a variety of high-quality textiles.

Our competitive team of textile experts knows that quality is essential when it comes to producing a superior Home textiles, (Bed sheets, Curtains,) Kitchen textiles, Institutional Textiles, Fabric, Yarn, Dyes, and Fiber. We can provide all the materials necessary to resellers, high-level retailers, and manufacturers.

100% Quality Guarantee

In addition to connecting you with the top textile suppliers across the world, we act as a third-party quality inspector---free of charge! Our quality assurance system guarantees that your order is exactly how you want it---flawless!

How do we live up to our promise? We not only inspect the raw material used to produce your order, but also make in-line quality inspections and pre-shipment quality inspections. Through the whole process, ELS is there, taking the role of your eyes.

For no reason will we ever compromise on the quality of your product. Our staff is fully trained, well before they head out to the field to check on your order.

Absolutely Zero Commission

We treat all orders as if they were the only order. We treat all clients as if they were the only client. The reason for this lies in our commitment to the customer. In order to offer the highest possible quality of service, we cannot charge our customers. We want you to feel completely at ease; what we offer is expected---what we offer is obligatory.

We want to offer you the most competitive prices. Thus, we ask our suppliers for compensation---not our customers.

We Satisfy Even the Biggest Brands

Wall-mart Canada has been relying on us for over 10 years. And if you asked them about our service, the answer would mirror that of Walmart USA, Lowblas USA, Sears USA , Zellers, Khols, and Fredmyers. We give all our customers what they need, when they need it, and with the utmost quality.

Frustrated with late deliveries?

We know the pain of a late delivery. Late deliveries can damage your reputation, as they affect your customer as well. The only solution to a late delivery is switching your supplier. A reliable vendor is necessary to maintain and enhance your image.

How do you know we wont be late? Well, just as Walmart, our customer of 10 years. Do you think they would work 10 years with a supplier that ships late?

We guarantee on-time shipment of your order. Our team personally goes to work onsite to ensure your shipments get out on time.

Unlimited Volume with Lightspeed Shipments

People normally buy from manufacturers directly to get their best offers and to avoid paying the commission of the buying houses. Consequently they get limited quantities because manufacturers generally have limited capacities.

But we at ELS have been in this business for decades. We are used to dealing in bulk, and our vendors prioritize us over others. This allows us to grab as large a quantity as we demand. We can also synchronize many productions under one project from other vendors and manage your volumes in lightning-quick time.
You can get as much quantity as you need, as we have no limitations regarding quantities.

Textiles of all Shapes, Colors, Textures, Makes, and More!

We deal with textiles from all over the world. Whether you are in the market for yarn from Pakistan or home textiles from China, we can get it. With us, there is no need to fret over time spent searching for the right vendor, nor is there need to worry about quality, delivery, or reputation issues.

Real-time Updates on Your Projects

Our competitors customers may receive a notice a couple of days before his delivery date: We apologize, but your shipment will require 1 to 2 extra weeks.

Should have chosen ELS.

As we go onsite to monitor the production of your order, we give you real-time updates on your on-going projects. And you can share these updates with your customer. Our extra services appear as your extra services.

You will be updated on a daily basis about your order status as we follow each project from the first inquiry to the day the order ships.

Minimize Your Time-to-Market

Most of todays vendors, whether new or experienced in the textile market, spend colossal amounts of time just on research. Not only do they need to research numerous suppliers, shopping around for the best price, but they also have to look up reviews to determine the quality of each supplier. Why cant there be a faster way?

We asked that question ourselves, and in response established a system that is made just to help our customers get reduce the time spent on market research.

With ELS you dont have to make any market surveys. We will do them for you.
We quote prices after checking 3-4 of the most suitable relevant vendors, but only after checking the quality of these vendors. When you receive your quotes, you can be assured that you are looking at only the top suppliers for your niche product.

Free Tech Support

Besides help with textiles, we offer technical support to you and your team.
Our product development team can help you with technical support in terms of design, development, and cost effective solutions in manufacturing.

You can create new development plans for your customers--all for free.

Available Worldwide

We dont care what country you belong to--we can meet your needs!

We are accustomed to dealing with brands and individuals from East to West. Our service is consistent throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Once you do business with us, you will never want to do the gruntwork of finding suppliers again. Our service offers a 1,000,000% return on investment, because, after all, we charge nothing!

We are available for inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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ELS Textiles
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Bedsheets, Comforter, Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Mattress Covers, Mattress Protectors, Pillow Covers, Pillow Protectors, Quilt Cover Sets

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